World Problems

We have a lot of problems in this world.

Usually it is not easy to fix our mistakes.
For example, one main problem that we have is pollution.
Pollution is one of the most ignored concept in the modern world that is never willing to go away.

Clean world

Our viewpoint

When we litter one piece of trash, it affects pollution drasticaly.
Usually we would view that world as a beautiful place.
Sun shining everywhere, birds chirping, wind blowing through the trees.
We don't know that our one piece of trash add up to all of this.
Clean world

The Actual World

The world is beginning to fall apart due to pollution.
Diseases are getting more and more visible.
The diseases thus get carried around spreading to different places.
People are getting to lazy in this world.
We are to lazy to get our trash and put it in the trash can.

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